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UK: Updated through Jul 27, 2016

UK Index Data
Close Change Trend Target
FTSE 100 6,750.43 +26.40 Bull  8200
FTSE 250 17,265.90 +196.81 Bull  19500
FTSE 350 3,722.50 +19.11 Bull 
FTSE All Share 3,663.77 +14.81 Bull 
FTSE SmallCap 4,744.84 +46.07 Bull  5025
FTSE AIM 751.23 +4.96 Bull 
RBS HGSC (Tradable) 1,092.36 +7.20 Bull  1200

UK Breadth DataTell me about Breadth
% Bulls P&F Status
FTSE 10086.1Bull Conf.
FTSE 25080.3Bull Conf.
FTSE All Share78.9Bull Conf.
FTSE Small Cap75.1Bull Conf.

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UK Daily Hotline: FTSE Top 200 21 Jul 2016


Chart Of The Day: FTSE Top 200 21 Jul 2016

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